Iaroslav Omelianenko

CTO/Research Director at NewGround LLC

NewGround Advanced Research


Iaroslav Omelianenko is a CTO and Research Director at the NewGround LLC. His research interests include human-computer interaction, genetic algorithms, neuroevolution of augmented topologies, reinforcement learning, control & optimization, and Neurobiology.

He leads the Research and Development team, which applies genetic algorithms to create artificial neural networks with a minimal footprint to solve a variety of control & optimization tasks as well as do research in brain-computer interfaces.

He has more than 30 years of experience with software design, implementation, and project management. He actively participates in open source projects. He presented research papers as an author at international conferences.

He is an author of the book Hands-On Neuroevolution with Python now available on Amazon.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Genetic Algorithms and Neuroevolution
  • Synthetic Cognitive Systems
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Cooperative Robotics
  • Neurobiology and Neuroscience
  • Mobile Computing


  • MEng in Industrial Process Management, 1999

    Ukrainian State University of Food Technologies

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The project had a goal to provide the working implementation of psycho-demographic profiling algorithm, which can be used to profile …


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